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Miło nam poinformować, że ogromnym nakładem pracy, zostanie uruchomiona nowa wersja witryny SPIDOR.pl!

Zapraszamy do czytania!


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Daniele Caselgrandi29 października, 2012 at 9:53 amOdpowiedz

Dear Daniel, Playnews, the company I represent, is a news agency focused on video games industry and targeted to

worldwide industry professionals.

We’ll really appreciate to receive Spidor press release. Could you please add to your list our press account newsdesk@playnews.biz?

Or could you please let me know which person or address I should contact?

If you need further informations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Playnews is the first independent news agency to entirely focus on the games industry.
Our core purpose is to deliver efficiently the a fast, comprehensive and reliable
news stream in order to offer key intelligence data to institutions, companies, associations
and every subject involved in this flourishing market.


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