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ISFE Nielsen Games Raport

Raport ISFE przygotowany przez Nielsen Games w 2008 roku odpowiada o wstrząsającej sytuacji rynku gier komputerowych na terenie Wielkiej Brytani, Włoch i Hiszpanii na przełomie 2007 roku.


In 2007, only one game rated 16+ featured in the top 20 best-sellers of the year in France. The situation was similar in Spain, where all of the top ten games except for one (which was rated 16+) were rated suitable for players over the age of three years old. The top 10 in Germany consisted of eight games rated 3+ and two games rated 12+. In Italy, games designated for those eighteen and over achieved two places in the top 10, while in the UK only one game rated 18+ listed among the ten top selling games of the year.


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